Finding a Treasure

From February of my senior year of high school in 1983 until the day I had my first baby in 1986, I kept a journal.  Almost every day, 

When we left Virginia, I came across the journals in a cedar chest my sister had given me when she got married.  I had six, three ring binders that were crammed with my thoughts-front and back.  I decided to read them, primarily because I knew my own kids would be reading them some day.

What I discovered was a treasure: details of high school graduation, heading to college, the first time I saw my husband, Robert, our first date (3 pages), our wedding day, my mother's cancer, my father's Alzheimer's and so many things in between. I wrote detailed descriptions of my life. Every word of conversations I had with my now deceased parents, what "that guy Robert" was wearing when I saw him painting at the church one day, funny things my grandfather said.. 

After I started having kids, the entries became more sporadic. Nevertheless, the detailed descriptions of every day life are still there.  

Though it will take some time, it is my goal o transfer these journals onto my website so I can share this treasure not only with my own family, but with my readers as well.